Stop worrying and start thriving!

Our Total Performance program will help you boost workplace performance & better manage stress.

  • Identify what is causing you stress & burnout.
  • Recognise the optimal level of exercise for you.
  • Reveal the link between your lifestyle and well-being and learn how to embed positive lifestyle changes.
  • Design a practical action plan that will have a positive impact on your work, leisure and life.
  • Find the right motivators to start and maintain an exercise plan.
  • Understand how to recover better so as to go through each day with more energy and focus.


Your well-being starts with an individual approach

The Total Performance program is a personalised solution that starts with the use of body analytics technology to measure physiological data. This is used to better understand what is causing you stress & burnout so we can develop a plan and provide personalised coaching to help you take action.

In our Total Performance program, we will measure your body's response to stress with a FirstBeat Bodyguard device Our Total Performance program includes a personalised report on your daily stress factors Our Total Performance program includes personalised coaching to help you design an action plan to manage stress

 1. To begin – Measure

2. Learn from the data – Acknowledge

3. Get the balance right – Take Action

Emerge Performance (EP) is the first in Singapore to implement body analytics technology to deliver high performance. A FirstBeat Bodyguard device will enable the accurate tracking of your physical signals.


Receive a detailed, personalised report2 on your daily stress factors, the sufficiency of recovery, quality of sleep, and the health and fitness effects of physical activity via email.

(2 Used by organisation leaders, Olympians, Red Bull and professional athletes)

With solid data revealing critical insights into your sources of stress and well-being, it´s time to schedule a session with a coach3 to review the report and design an action plan.

(3 A 45-minute video conferenzce session)